Ashford Bus/401 Full Course All Dqs , Assignments and Quizzes / Principles of Finance

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Ashford BUS/401 Full Course All DQs ,Assignments and Quizzes / Principles of Finance

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BUS 401 Week 1 DQ 1 The Role of Financial Management in a Firm
The Role of Financial Management in a Firm. Summarize the role of management as it relates to finance in a corporation. In your post, address the following:
Indicate the various aspects of finance that management must understand.
Describe why a manager needs to understand the characteristics and importance of
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Summarize your findings from the articles in a two- to three-page paper excluding title page and references page(s). The paper should be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Be sure to properly cite your sources using APA style.
BUS 401 Week 1 Quiz
1.Question :
The financial goal of a for-profit business is:
2.Question :Suppose two investments produce the same expected cash flows. We would assign a higher value to the investment with:
3.Question :
Opportunity costs can vary over time and:
4.Question :
Time is a factor when determining the value of a possible investment. As investors, all else being equal, we value investments:
5.Question :
An investment, such as a bond, will have a higher expected return (or yield) if it:
6.Question :
The value of an asset is based on four characteristics—cash flows, time, risk, and opportunity costs—but in many situations we can estimate an asset’s value by:
7.Question :
Over the past 50 years, stocks listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) have:
8.Question :
The accounting method you use in your checkbook is best described as:
9.Question :
On the typical balance sheet, the right-hand side shows:
10.Question :
To arrive at a more accurate estimate of cash flow we would add depreciation expense to net income. The next step would be to:
BUS 401 Week 2 DQ 1 Dreams Do Come True
Dreams Do Come True. Imagine that you have

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