Asha Piercing: A Short Story

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Asha Piercing had began to hate looking at her mother's house. It was a pearl white house surrounded by a big golden-wired fence, and enormously musculus pool;inside and out. It had a yard you would die for, because weeds never grew, yet the flowers in the yard were always healthy and bright. There were gardens of lily's plotted perfectly all around the walls. And the arching trees in the front made a normal walk to her mother's front door a dream. No one exactly knew when it was built or who had even built it in the small town of Dragon Valley, but there it was. Sticking out like the sore thumb of a cold hitchhiker caught in the rain. Sadly, Asha used to feel warm about the house. That is until her mother re-married Joshua Longs- sixty-year …show more content…
She could barely breath. She screamed for the taxi passing by her in the street, but it didn't stop. Her hand fell to her side as she received a voicemail, and she dropped all of the coolness she had left and started to run. There was blood all over her New Netstar dress. She whined and banged her fist into the side of Romona's Bed and Breakfast but no one took notice of her. She hoped her assailants arm was still stinging like a bitch. She knew it wasn't, because the bees had knocked him out, but she hoped it would still hurt once he woke up. The police would find him soon enough since she had called only two minutes after the incident, and they would be looking for her. Asha covered her eyes and cursed.

"He tried to hurt me." She informed herself. "He deserves this."

She shook her head and ducked behind the building as she heard sirens pulling up. Her mother would definitly send her back to the private school now. She wrapped her arms around her body and fell to her side. It was all too much; this feeling of losing. Asha felt angry with herself. She never wanted to lose again.

"Do you finally get it?" A voice said before crouching down beside

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