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Why Grace Poe is the Best 2016 Presidential Candidate

Five months after, who do you think will be the next leader of the Pearl of the Orient? Who is in your mind that deserves to have the highest position in our country and has the potential to bring our economy upwards? Who among the 2016 Presidential Candidates will end the widely spread graft and corruption in the Philippine Government? Who would go beyond the limits for the improvement of our countrymen? These are just some of the questions that each Filipino voter must reflect on before they have decided who they are going to vote for.
The 2016 Presidential Elections countdown has begun. This has been the hottest and trending topic nowadays, since the months
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Second, majority of our Filipino voters' ages are below 27 years old which means that generally, we are more on young population. Among the four presidential candidates, Senator Grace Poe is the youngest at 48 years old which basically means that she can easily connect, interact and identify the aspirations of the 21st Century generation.
Third, as far as graft and corruption issues are concern, Senator Grace Poe has the cleanest record of her competitors. This one is really a major issue because it is what everyone is aware of; that all the existing politicians are involve in graft and corruption specifically some of her competitors who have pending corruption cases. In this regard, Senator Grace Poe can create new and improve the government reputation because she, herself, has not been involved in such matter.
Lastly, her track record and her recent actuations prove that she is intelligently brilliant which our nation currently needs. Her vision and mission for our country will not be settled for less due to power interest. Her heart and initiative are with all the Filipinos as she also wants to continue what her father, Fernando Poe Jr. has started.
These are just few of her competencies and I believe that she will leave all other aspirants far behind because of these things. In short, what the

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