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Nuclear Power

In the scope of sustainability, the nuclear fission power has many advantages over its competitors meanly produced from natural fossil fuels and the ones in the other category, such as wind power, hydro and solar power. The degree of the sustainability of the fission power varies in different approaches and implementations of nuclear fission power. Despite its strengths to be a sustainable power source, it has created new concerns in engineering, investing, safety, environment and other social aspects as well.

The primary factctor for nuclear fission power being a sustainable resource is the fact it can generates enormous with a small amount of uranium. Power produced from one ton of uranium is equivalent to the
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Accidents in the fission power products are undeniable although the safety standards are high. One example of this is the Fukushima nuclear incident. The quality of reactors met international standard with median reliability. This nuclear plants withstood earthquake of 7 magnitude. Due to the blackout and failure of cooling system, the reactors overheated and melted during 9 magnitude massive earthquake and resulting a leakage of partial radioactive contents.

Fission power is essentially free of carbon emission. It can be environmental depending on the ways of using it. Nuclear fission discharges a large mount of waste heat. Soviet Union used waste heat to heat water and used for heating large blocks of buildings. The spent fuel from fissions and reactions can be reprocessed to restore the fuel materials for reuse. It's also not dependent to other fossil fuels. Nuclear fission power is efficient and sustainable to compare with the other existing power sources, but it is not free of waste and other concerns. The wastes disposed from fission energy product requires considerable cares and safeguard against theft. After the fissions and activations in the reactors, the fuel bundle is placed in a pool for cooling down the wastes and protecting the operators from radiation. Some of the bundles are left at the cooling sites

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