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Joshua S. Grover
Organizational Behavior in Education
Final Leadership Essay
Responsibility: perhaps no better word describes what a leader faces as he or she manages an organization. As future leaders are cultivated and preened for future positions, it is necessary and vital to instill upon them the importance of such a position. It was in the midst of great self-reflection I realized how much I long to be an effective leader. It wasn’t until I participated in Education 630 under the instruction of Dr. Dennis Van Berkum of Minnesota State University, that I fully realized my potential as an educational leader. Through the required course-work, I’ve come to understand what an effective leader is. As a result I have
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The second area of consideration is the idea of Scientific Management. Although somewhat as impersonal as the Bureaucratic Theory, the Scientific Management concept begins to focus on motivation within the work place. To me this factor is the most valuable. However, the only motivation taken into consideration in the use of this concept is purely compensational. Money can be a huge motivator in many industries, but what happens when there isn’t enough money to motivate?
The last area to be reflected upon is the Classical Theory of organization. This area seems to take the idea of motivation to an entirely new level. The inclusion of such things as: “ideals, values, beliefs, and the need for personal satisfactions” as motivators are crucial in the organizational process (Owens, Valesky pg. 90). However, there is one negative factor within this theory. It is the idea of the “scalar principle”. While some system of hierarchy needs to be in place, the belief in a lack of communication between the different levels of the hierarchy is truly detrimental.
It is my conclusion that, as leaders, we need to find a common-ground between all of these concepts. It has always been held as good practice to look at history. It is clear that at some point all of these concepts had success. We need to look at what principles were successful and build from there. We need to take the good aspects of each and come up with a

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