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Pro Tools Shortcuts Guide

Version 11.2

Legal Notices
© 2014 Avid Technology, Inc., (“Avid”), all rights reserved.
This guide may not be duplicated in whole or in part without the written consent of Avid.
003, 192 Digital I/O, 192 I/O, 96 I/O, 96i I/O, Adrenaline,
AirSpeed, ALEX, Alienbrain, AME, AniMatte, Archive,
Archive II, Assistant Station, AudioPages, AudioStation,
AutoLoop, AutoSync, Avid, Avid Active, Avid Advanced
Response, Avid DNA, Avid DNxcel, Avid DNxHD, Avid DS
Assist Station, Avid Ignite, Avid Liquid, Avid Media Engine,
Avid Media Processor, Avid MEDIArray, Avid Mojo,
Avid Remote Response, Avid Unity, Avid Unity ISIS,
Avid VideoRAID, AvidRAID, AvidShare, AVIDstripe, AVX,
Beat Detective, Beauty Without
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anager, InterFX,
Interplay, inTONE, Intraframe, iS Expander, iS9, iS18, iS23, iS36, ISIS, IsoSync, LaunchPad, LeaderPlus, LFX, Lightning,
Link & Sync, ListSync, LKT-200, Lo-Fi, MachineControl,
Magic Mask, Make Anything Hollywood, make manage move|media, Marquee, MassivePack,
MassivePack Pro, Maxim, Mbox, Media Composer,
MediaFlow, MediaLog, MediaMix, Media Reader,
Media Recorder, MEDIArray, MediaServer, MediaShare,
MetaFuze, MetaSync, MIDI I/O, Mix Rack, Moviestar,
MultiShell, NaturalMatch, NewsCutter, NewsView,
NewsVision, Nitris, NL3D, NLP, NSDOS, NSWIN, OMF,
OMF Interchange, OMM, OnDVD, Open Media Framework,
Open Media Management, Painterly Effects, Palladiium,
Personal Q, PET, Podcast Factory, PowerSwap, PRE,
ProControl, ProEncode, Profiler, Pro Tools, Pro Tools|HD,
Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools M-Powered, Pro Transfer,
QuickPunch, QuietDrive, Realtime Motion Synthesis,
Recti-Fi, Reel Tape Delay, Reel Tape Flanger,
Reel Tape Saturation, Reprise, Res Rocket Surfer, Reso,
RetroLoop, Reverb One, ReVibe, Revolution, rS9, rS18,
RTAS, Salesview, Sci-Fi, Scorch, ScriptSync,
SecureProductionEnvironment, Shape-to-Shape,
ShuttleCase, Sibelius, SimulPlay, SimulRecord,
Slightly Rude Compressor, Smack!, Soft SampleCell,
Soft-Clip Limiter, SoundReplacer, SPACE, SPACEShift,
SpectraGraph, SpectraMatte, SteadyGlide, Streamfactory,
Streamgenie, StreamRAID, SubCap, Sundance,

Sundance Digital, SurroundScope, Symphony, SYNC HD,
SYNC I/O, Synchronic, SynchroScope,

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