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English 101
Prep Quiz #3


Open-Form Prose
Open-form prose resists reduction to a single, summarizable thesis. It is characterized by narrative or story-like structure, sometimes with abrupt transitions, and uses various literary techniques to make the prose more memorable and powerful. * Often organized chronologically or has a story like element * Often used to heighten or deepen a problem, or show human significance * Often has an implicit theme rather than a thesis. * Often violates rules of closed-form prose by using literary techniques
Closed-form Prose
Closed-form prose can be defined as writing with a hierarchical structure of points and details in support of an explicit thesis. It is
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* Logos is the appeal to reason 1. How can I make my ideas internally consistent & logical? * Ethos is the appeal to speaker/writer 2. How can I present myself effectively? * Pathos is the appeal to sympathies, values, beliefs, and emotions of the audience 3. How can I make the readers open to my message?
Argument Writing is the study of argumentation involves two components: truth seeking and persuasion: 1. Truth seeking, we mean a diligent, open minded, and responsible search for the best course of action or solution to a problem, taking into account all the available information and alternative points of view. 2. Persuasion, we mean the art of making a claim on an issue and justifying in convincingly so that the audience’s initial resistance to you position is overcome and they are moved toward your position.

Informative/Surprising Report (delayed thesis)
Informative writing is aimed at readers who may not be initially interested in the subject matter, and it is thesis based. The writer’s purpose is to bring new, unanticipated, or surprising information to the reader.
One strategy for creating this motivation is the technique of “Surprising reversal.” Surprising reversal is a strategy in which the writer’s thesis pushes sharply against the counter thesis. This structure automatically creates a thesis with tension focused on a question or problem. Because of its power to hook and sustain readers,

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