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Intro Essay:

Reading plays a major role in a person’s life. Through reading we learn and increase our knowledge. And since reading is so important, schools and even at our own home, spend a great deal of time showing children how to learn to read and use reading to gain information and for enjoyment. Most people learn to read while still quite young. But not everyone does. Some are not fortunate enough to have the opportunity. The reading readiness of a child is influenced by his physical growth, intelligence and experience before he enter schooling.
We can travel around the globe even without you passport. Through reading, we can go places, get more connected to other countries, and have more access to learn about different life style
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Modern advances pose a threat to reading. It seems to be that the latest technology draws away the interest of present-day generation from the habit of reading books. There are children who for various reasons just do not like to read and would rather do something else with their time. Modern day gadgets, TV, computer games, are what most children of today are busy about. The aim of parents and teachers should be to encourage young people to become lifelong readers. Children showed not only learn to read well but also come to see reading as an essential and rewarding part of their lives. Reading should be a part of every child’s routine. Parents should also strive to be a good reader model. If their kids see them reading often, they will be influenced to do the same.

Statement of the Problem:
This research is about “The Effectiveness of Reading Habits to Filipino Achievement of Third Year Calasanz of Don Bosco College Basic Education Department High School Level, School Year 2012-2013”.

Specifically, the researchers seek to find answers to the following questions: 1. Is there any effect in the reading habits to Filipino achievements? 2. How does reading habits affect the academic performance of the Third Year Calasanz students? 3. Does reading habits have any effects on the students vocabulary,

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