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Online Purchasing Problems
Today, online purchasing is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. People find it easier to purchase online than outside their home because it is simply more convenient. People live extremely busy lives and purchasing online has become a very simple and easy process. No longer do people have to leave the comfort of their own home or wait in long lines at stores. With a few clicks, they can have products ordered and delivered to their homes within a few days. This is extremely handy for people who work long days or have to take care of their children. Online shopping is becoming the new wave for the future. However, this process can be scary for first time users and can leave
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Crimes such as jamming, hacking, sniffing, and spoofing can put legitimate website visitors at risk of getting their information stolen and becoming victim of fraud. Hackers exploit weaknesses in web site security to access private customer information and passwords. Another form of electronic eavesdropping is sniffing. The criminal places a piece of software in the computer that intercepts information passing from the user to the computer hosting the website. They can retrieve confidential information this way. They can use this information to make illegal purchases using someone else’s name and even their credit card numbers. This is the crime of identity theft. In 2003, nearly 10 million people across the United States fell victim to identity theft. Too often, identity theft is not discovered until you are denied credit while trying to buy a home or a car. Identity theft can have a substantial impact on your credit ratings as perpetrators of identity theft will use stolen credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank PIN numbers and other confidential financial information to empty bank accounts, borrow large sums of money and make major purchases that create significant credit card bills (Identity Theft). Although you are not

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