Asda Analysis

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INTRODUCTION In this task, I will talk about an organisation called Asda, I will talk about their history, different types of information used in Asda, their sources and purpose of information.
History of Asda
ASDA Stores Limited is an American-owned business, headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Asda is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, the American retail supermarket since July 1999 and it is now the second-largest supermarket in the market.
Aside, from the supermarket retail, the company offers a financial services and a telephone company using the existing network of EE. Asda promotions are always based on price and they promote their products under their slogan ‘’Save Money. Live Better’’. Asda group Ltd aim is to provide goods and services
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In this case, operational support means that the business uses information to monitor and control the business activity. The purpose of information in Asda is to provide the ability to store and retrieve data so that it can be organized and another purpose of information is to identify Asda strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
It is an act of passing information within Asda organisation. They include: Financial Department: The financial department in Asda are responsible for making budgets and preparing financial transactions or statements. For example, how cash is obtained and spent, what assets are required, what profits or losses are made on the activities of the business? Human resources: The Human resources in Asda are responsible for hiring and firing employees. They are concerned with the management of Asda employee’s within the organisation, focusing on policies and systems. Administration Department: It involves communicating with external sources and storing data information on Asda customers to build successful relationships with them.
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Asda need to use important legal information from the Government to help run the business successfully and legally. For example if a company had over 500 employees that were being paid the minimum hourly rate as enforced by the Government and the rate changes then the company needs to take this information on board and increase the wages for the staff. The government also pass laws that make them aware of certain laws that have been passed like the underage employment and the Corporation Tax. Trade groupings- These are similar organisations selling the same product, but with different trade’s name coming together to share ideas and opinions on how to promote their organizations. They can act as pressure groups to initiate positive change for their industry. It enables Asda as a member of trade grouping to access information that helps them run their business successfully. Commercially provided database
Many private research organisations such as Asda specialises in building up databases about people who are known to have an interest in a particular product or services. Asda uses the provided information to help them make the right business decisions. Different types of Information used in Asda
Asda uses different ways to communicate to their customers, staffs and the suppliers. There are various ways in which they communicate. They

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