Essay about As i lay dying Journal Entries

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As I Lay Dying journal entries
By: Roberto Boponti
My first impression of Cash was that he was a hardworking man. He spent most of the day working on the coffin for his mother. He seemed very selfless as he worked constantly on his mother’s coffin. Although the fact that he was building the coffin right outside his mothers window was somewhat disturbing to me. I would not want to watch a man build my coffin. To Cash this coffin was his last present to his dying mother and he wanted it to be perfect witch is why he would hold up every piece to show his mother to make sure it was perfect. Cash’s importance was that he was the one to build the coffin. Without him there wouldn’t be a coffin to carry their mother in to the grave.
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It seemed that her main reason for going along with the family was to get an abortion, which didn't work out as planned because she just ended up having sex with the MacGowan at the pharmacy. Dewey also feels obligated to take care of the family even though she really does not want to. Although she will she seems to never do it out of love for her family but out of a feeling of obligation. The relationship between Dewey and Layfe is very strange. I feel as if Layfe does not love Dewey like Dewey loves Layfe. This is shown when Layfe gives Dewey ten dollars for an abortion. The only good quality I saw in Dewey was the fact that she was willing to take car of the family. She made sure the family was kept fed and everything stayed in order. Even though she seems to be selfish in a way, she still has a feeling of loyalty to her family which keeps her from running away and keeps her doing all the “womanly duties” of the house. Apart from that she just seems to be a selfish dumb girl with no other redeeming qualities. The only other good thing she did in the book was assist in the capture of Darl. Which maybe shows that she has a little respect for authority, but other than that she is till a dumb selfish girl. I did not see any changes in Dewey throughout the book. At the end she was still the same dumb selfish girl she was in the begging. The only

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