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AQA Psychology (A)
Psya2 A* Students

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The A* Students

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A little about me

Firstly thank you for purchasing this book for AQA Psychology Psya2 (Paper 2). A bit about me: My name is Sajan Devshi and I was a private student that self-taught myself
AQA Psychology from 2011-2012 and I received my certificate in January 2013 Achieving an
A* Grade. The certificate you can view on my website - You can also get my other A* model essay answers from there too for the other topics I did. I achieved an A* grade overall scoring two A’s in Psya1 and Psya2 as well as 100% in both my
A2 exams (Psya3 and Psya4)
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• Conformity (majority influence) and explanations of why people conform including informational social influence and normative social influence.
• Types of conformity, including internalisation and compliance.

Heres an overview of what Psya2 consists of with the main chapters being focused on Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and how Individual differences play a role. Within these chapters you see bullet points and any of these can potentially be asked as a 12 mark question so I will provide essays geared as 12 mark essays.
Some however are unlikely to be asked as 12 markers as AQA may feel there simply isn't enough material on them available. There is only one 12 marker in this exam so the others will likely be asked

• Obedience to authority, including Milgrams work and explanations of why people obey
• Explanations of Independent behaviour, including locus of control, how people resist pressures to conform and resist pressures to obey authority.
• How

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