Essay Arts Funding For Fine Arts

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Fundamental Arts Funding
Fine arts funding is both a gateway to creativity and self expression among school aged students. In today’s society, a person has a greater chance of being seen as less intelligent while being involved in arts programs than a person would if they were involved in something pertaining to math or science. It has become less socially acceptable to be involved in arts programs that use up a large amount of money such as choir, band or theater; thus causing it to be removed from school over the years. Few schools tend to look at the positive effects the arts have such as letting students of any age express themselves freely and also to give a creative perspective in life. Schools must consider funding for fine arts programs to continue because the arts provide students with opportunities for self expression, academic advantages and economic help for schools where fine arts programs are present. Education in the fine arts is not only a class to occupy space in a schedule, but provides students the opportunities to express themselves, and find out their abilities. Students involved in the arts are encouraged to think freely and to express themselves however they choose. “Arts education gives children a place where they can express themselves and channel negative emotion into something positive,” and when this occurs in the school, it betters the school’s reputation. This, in turn, enables the students to replace negative actions with a more positive…

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