Arts Education Is Not Relevant Towards The Real World And Future Student Career Success

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Arts education in public schools is a topic people are discussing because they are questioning whether it really does impact student success. Critics may think arts education is not relevant towards the real-world and future student career success because they do not see the significant benefits visual and performing arts have on student learning. Parents result in sending their child to a school that has a curriculum based on Common Core State Standards, which has a focus on English and math. In reality, arts education is proven to increase test scores and performance in the classroom (Chapman). Arts education does allow students to think critically in a unique way to express their thoughts, and it allows them to apply this strategy in a traditional classroom setting. The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies works to advocate and strengthen arts education in school curriculum. Both the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) and Common Core State Standards share a concern for student success, but despite their differences on what student education should involve, they should compromise to combine into one curriculum so both stakeholders can be satisfied. For the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, they have a primary goal of strengthening state arts agencies to advance arts education. Each of the fifty states has a public agency dedicated to the arts. These agencies use state and federal funds to promote the arts on the behalf of everyone. State arts…

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