`` Arts And First Amendment : Satire And Satire Essays

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Throughout time, various forms of speech have always been up for controversy. The real question lies between whether they should or shouldn’t be protected under the law. To be frank, it seems unreasonable not to. Using the written and spoken language, this world constantly changes and learns and will continue to as long as everyone’s voices are heard. According to the article “Arts and First Amendment: Parody and Satire”, an excerpt explains how law defends forms of expression; it says, “ The First Amendment protects satire and parody as a form of free speech and expression” (Kyonzte Hughes; line 10). Being that this world is full of diversity, there will always be new opinions and beliefs. With opposing views, it is imperative that everyone should be granted protection; these people who verbalize their thoughts don’t deserve to be penalize. Take a family for instance; if a family can safely chat about what they like and dislike about a person, place or thing, why is it not okay for someone to do the same thing publicly?
Although certain places dole protection of speech in today’s world, there are still many places that don’t. Even centuries back the struggle to gain the protection of speech was just as hard as it is present. Two heroic souls who joined that fight are both known famously for their classical satires that spoke out against the corruption and unfairness of society and human nature. Their names are Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels, and…

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