Artists Work from Their Own Experiences Essay examples

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Artists work from their own experiences, imaginings, feelings and psychological experiences

* Jackson Pollock * Picasso * Jeff Koons

The personal experiences of the artists consisting of the subjective and psychological happenings create thoughts and imaginings which are all combined to fuel the art-making process. Artists harness their personal and psychological experiences, imaginings and feelings to engender their artwork. Jackson Pollock, Picasso and Jeff Koons are artists that use their experience to form their art.
Jackson Pollock led a life of fame and notoriety produced by a life of hardships, hard work and bad habits. He was an American Abstract Expressionist who defied every rule of harmony and good taste in
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He held a relationship with Marcelle Humbert whom died at age 30 in 1915 deeply affected him. Picasso was also very promiscuous maintaining a number of relationships compounded with his spouse or primary partner. In 1944 he began a relationship with an art student, forty years younger than him, Francoise Gilot, she could not take Picasso’s abusive and infidel nature leading her to leave him and take the children, a severe emotional blow to Picasso.
He continued to be promiscuous and begin relationships with younger girls, by seventy he came to terms with his growing age and his waning attraction to young women, this can be seen in his many paintings, ink drawings and prints held a theme of an old, grotesque dwarf being the lover of a young model.
Picasso’s art were completely influenced by his feelings and personal experiences. They can be categorized as the blue period, rose period, African-influenced period and cubism.
The blue period consisted of gloomy and sorrowful images using cool colours such as shades of blue. This period explicitly portrays Picasso’s emotions of grief and unhappiness where drinking and blindness were recurring symbols.
The rose period signifies happiness and elation, represented by shades of orange, also known as warm colours. The circus was a recurring symbol with Picasso painting acrobats and harlequins. This period was influenced by Fernande Olivier, a model for

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