Essay about Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures

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Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures: Greece and Rome
A gender role is something that decides what role the man will play in society, and what role the woman will play in society. These roles can include the position, status, activities, and behavior that is appropriate for one’s sex. The roles of men and women have always been different, and they have generally been expected to have different attitudes and thoughts. Social aspects are reflected by behavior, and the idea that specific behavior is naturally tied to the biological sex of a person is challenged by these social aspects. The word “role” can be reducing because it indicates that something is strongly characterized, but gender roles are specific to culture and history, and the
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By the end of Augustus’ rule, protection from a man was not pushed on a woman who had delivered three or more children. Women whom had this many children were considered free. In the early years of life, all children were given the same treatment when it came to education. Daughters born of privileged families were given the most education, and even then, the education was organized around literature, dance, and music. According to Fiero (2011), women had traditional occupations in food and textile production and prostitution, but women were also known to hold positions as musicians, painters, priestesses, midwives, and even gladiators.
Marriages were arranged in the Roman culture, and the marriages were based on social status. The father of the bride was required to give the family of the groom a gift that indicated his social status. Infidelity was on the rise in married women, divorce was becoming more common, and it was not uncommon for second and third marriages to come about in men and women (Fiero, 2011). Differences in the gender roles were unmistakably obvious by the Romans. At the start of the republican times, women were not allowed to drink wine, only grape juice. Reclining at dinner parties was also not allowed for the Roman women, even though her husband was allowed to do so. Few women worked because the slaves would perform most of the manual labor.
The Greek’s ideas of gender roles were

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