Artisan Bread Case Study

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Question 1
Didier Sockeel defines artisan bread as, “bread that is made by artisan bakers using the best local ingredients with traditional techniques. This form of baking takes time and effort and there are no shortcuts” (Sockeel, 2018, para.2). He also mentions, “Using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques restrict how much bread a baker is able to produce in a given amount of time. The resultant bread has incredibly unique flavours and textures that you simply can’t find in regular supermarket bread” (Sockeel, 2018, para.2).

Question 2
Artisan bread has many factors that make it important, such as the use of ingredients, the time taken to produce, where the bread is made and the skill of the baker. The ingredients should be of good
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Rachel Scott uses local ingredients to make her bread (Shaw, 1990). Using local ingredients is important as you know where they have come from. The ingredients will not have travelled a long way to reach the baker so they will be fresh and not depleted of nutrients (Sockeel, 2018). Artisan bread takes longer to make because of the fermentation techniques used during production (Spencer, 2016). Time allows natural enzymes to flourish while developing and maturing the flavour of the bread and making it easier to digest (Station, 2013). The skill of the baker is just as important when producing artisan bread because their knowledge can result in unique flavours of bread being made (Sockeel, 2018). Artisan bakers know bread well, they know the feel of the dough and have a wide range of knowledge on techniques (Spencer, 2016). As artisan bread is not done in extremely large quantities the baker gets to know their product through handling the dough themselves and using recipes rather than instructions on premixes (Spencer, 2016). The standard bakery in New Zealand could be anything from your supermarket bakery to Bakers Delight, Brumbys or the local hot bread shop. The bread made in these standard bakeries are all produced quickly to sell to customers. Standard …show more content…
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