The Turing Test

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Turing Test--The beginning of Artificial Intelligence
In the past half century, Turing Test is being a controversial barrier in the study of artificial intelligence. The AI program cannot achieve the satisfactory standing due to the restriction of computing chip and storage, the limits of programming language, and the lack of creativity, which leads to an insoluble result. With the continuous development of science and technology, most problems will be solved in the future. However, some issues should be taking into seriously consideration, such as ethics and morality. Furthermore, what is the balance of human and AI? Should we admit that the AI program is smarter than human beings? Or is the AI totally controllable? Though the current AI program
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The modern technology is not advanced enough to build a faster chip and bigger storage unit in a reasonable size. The operation of AI program is based on physical computing machinery, which means a powerful computer is the basic element of the great system. This design is a kind of inspiration from human brain. Nowadays, super-computers have hundred thousands central processing units with several petabytes storage. It seems good enough to do the work. However, compared to the human brain, which has hundred billions nerve cells as processing unit with life long memory, super-computers just look like toys with extremely high economic and power cost. In the other hand,complex connections between each processing unit increase the uncertainty of the reliability of the machine. Miles of copper wire transmit electric signals through the exchanger to each processing unit, which can be easily beaten by the sophisticated chemical reaction between each nerve cell in nanoseconds. Considering the error and interruption during the complicated calculation, it is hopeless to see that the physical computing mechanism can transcend the chemical or biological computing mechanism. It indicates that in order to build a powerful computing machine, the physical structure--such as chips--should be abundant, and replaced by biological components. The operation principle is totally different …show more content…
The binary system and algorithm restrict the possibility of a high level evolution of programming. Binary is a basic rule of the math operation with two states to express any numbers, that invented to adapt the operating principle of electric chips. For the same reason, the programming language is designed in a simplified way to manipulate binary numbers. Due to the complexity of programming structure and the terrible performance of the computer chips, the efficiency of the program is just like a joke. Nothing can be predicted when the program runs into error. Usually, it costs much more time to find bugs after coding and compiling. It is hard to see any kind of intelligence from manipulating numbers. In the other hand, the mainstream programming languages are designed for human use. It is not complicated enough to generate massive information. There are only 40 to 60 keywords and symbols to define the operation, most of them are logic and math operations. The power of the programming language is limited by these keywords. This way of coding cannot be the best choice for AI, which has the only advantage, the speed. The new language should consider the feature of self programming. In order to get a higher intelligence, it could be possible that the AI program itself. This is a evolution of programming. Considering the DNA, a tiny structure contains billions of information. Mutating with external

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