Artificial Intelligence Can Cause Social Concerns That May Impact Our Society On A Global Scale

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Artificial intelligence will cause many social concerns that may impact our society on a global scale, such as the loss of privacy, lost jobs and Transhumanism.
Will there be a place for privacy in a world where machines are fast enough and have the right algorithm to break any encryption code a man has created to this point? If you take the development of serious quantum computing power as a given, all the encryption methods based on factoring primes or doing modular exponentials, including RSA, elliptic curve cryptography, and Diffie-Hellman are all in trouble. Shor’s algorithm, when applied on a quantum computer, will render the previous difficult math problems that underlie these methods easy almost irrespective of chosen key length. (Williams, 2015). The biggest concern about privacy is that Quantum computers are currently only available to big corporations and government agencies, and won’t be available to the general public for quite some time, if ever. Meanwhile, these agencies and corporations have the technology to crack and decode most all the encryption codes used in today’s societies around the whole world, including everything on the internet. This is a serious cause for concern for everyone, even people in foreign countries. Some of the questions to ask are, does this mean large and powerful agencies and corporations such as the NSA, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others threaten democratic governance over privacy? Will they take over the world, if anything?…

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