Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence Essay

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Artificial intelligence is, per Oxford Dictionaries, “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence” (Oxford). Artificial intelligence is used in healthcare systems to assist in surgeries and improve effectiveness and accuracy (Agah). One major problem with it is that computers with artificial intellect, such as Siri and IBM’s Watson, cannot hold a full conversation (Knight, Will). While the problem is trying to be fixed, it is still a major setback. These systems can only interpret a few simple commands rather than communicate regular conversations that humans do daily. According to an article by Will Knight, these systems lack a deeper learning.
How did Artificial Intelligence start in surgeries?
Artificial Intelligence has been around the healthcare system for nearly two decades assisting in surgeries. Catherine Mohr discusses the evolution of surgical robots used in the healthcare system. She talks about how doctors had to learn to use the robots effectively and how they had to put their original and natural ways of surgery behind them. They could no longer see everything in the patient in 3D and their natural use of the instruments was now foreign. Surgeons had to undergo hours of practice to be able to properly maneuver the machines. The main problem doctors had was that they could not properly move the tools as they could with their hands. The machine did not have a way of moving as our wrists do…

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