Essay about Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

1713 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
For years Hollywood has created a sense of fear when talking about Artificial Intelligence. Movies such as Terminator, Eagle Eye and IRobot are just a few films where self-aware artificial intelligence attempt to harm or destroy humans. Our world is almost entirely supported by technology, so it should be no surprise people fear the idea artificial intelligence. In reality, we interact with artificial intelligence on a daily basis and just because it might not have a robotic body, doesn’t mean it’s not considered artificial intelligence. When exploring topics for this research paper, google used an artificial intelligent system to find the best matches. Artificial intelligence systems are becoming more and more complex, so the technology that we use on a daily basis isn’t as far as we think of it in fictional world. This essay will first look into the general idea of artificial intelligence and address potential harm artificial intelligence will have on our society in the employment sector and security sector. Then explore the ethics of creating such a technology, look at some current research, and point out some potential ways to avoid these problems.
As stated previously, artificial intelligence is only a part of the evil robots Hollywood depicts. In truth all it is, in its basics, is a program that has the ability to learn. For example, Apple’s Siri has the ability to learn information about its user such as their name. Although Siri isn’t always “smart,” Siri can still…

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