Essay on Artificial Intelligence And Computer Science

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Artificial Intelligence in Computers.
Artificial intelligence (AL) can be described as a process that the computer can exhibit decision-making process. It is a field in computer science that is of a great interest and countless experiments are conducted all over the world by scholars. In our daily work we use some components of artificial intelligence which is not so fascinating for all of us now, but few decades ago it was a beyond imagination experiment. At today’s concept, computers can think, not as critically as we humans but they are able to make decisions which is artificial intelligence.
We walk into an empty dark room, suddenly the lights turn on. How is that possible? We don’t tend to care about it but there is artificial intelligence involved in the lighting system of the room. There is a small computer with sensors that senses our presence in the room. The other example is the new trending automatic cars. There are numerous experiments carried on by multination companies to develop a car that drives on its own, and it has been possible. This feature in car uses a complex architecture of artificial intelligence which we can trace back in from 1956.
The concept of artificial intelligence evolved with the concepts from classical philosophers who attempted to describe the process of human thinking as the mechanical manipulation of symbols .The work on artificial intelligence began with the invention of the programmable digital computers in 1940s, which was a machine…

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