Artificial Instemination And Abortion

What do you think of when you hear the word life? I personally think about a newborn baby or animal, but to others the word has a different meaning. There are a lot of different concepts that come into play when discussing the ethical issues that circle around life. There are stories about fetal development, artificial conception, contraception, sterilization, and abortion to name a few. The way life starts is different to different people, and some of their reasons are justified by their religions. For example, some people are raised to believe that life takes place at the moment of the conception. Others are raised to believe that life happens once the sperm and egg have had at least fourteen days to unite. After the egg and sperm unite, …show more content…
Artificial insemination is the injection into a female’s vagina of seminal fluid that contains male sperm from her husband or partner, but could also be a donor, by some means other than sexual intercourse (Fremgen 298). Although this is a very common practice, there are a lot of legal problems that could arise from using artificial insemination. One problem that came about in using artificial insemination was a court case back in 1995. This case came about because a mother used her deceased husband’s sperm to create a child. The main reason this caused an issue is because they were not sure if the child should be entitled to the father’s belongings, like his Social Security account for example. The judge in the case came to the ruling of if a child was conceived from frozen sperm and the child was born more than 11 months after the father’s death, the child would be entitled to the father’s benefits (Fremgen 298). Another type of artificial insemination is called an artificial insemination donor. This donor is a man who decides to donate his semen for insemination of a woman other than his wife. Now, there are a lot of problems that can arise from this type of donor. If the man’s wife finds out, problems and arguments can start in the marriage and things could end up in a bad state. In Psychological Support for Fathers of Artificial Insemination Donor Children, there is a couple who has an artificial insemination donor. At first, the couple is fine and happy, but as the baby comes closer to the due date, the husband starts to act differently and he is not himself. He will experience outbursts of anger, and he will just feel guilty about the situation in general. When it comes to a couple deciding to use an artificial insemination donor, it can really hurt the male’s feelings. To the male, they feel like they have failed their partner because they are not able to become pregnant (Ivan and Shah).

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