Artificial Happiness in Brave New World Essay

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True happiness and artificial happiness are two similar, but very distinct emotions. The society in which one lives and the surroundings draw a fine line between the two. Happiness is pleasurable satisfaction which results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good, while artificial happiness can be defined as a state of happiness because it is the effect of relying on a substance to make one happy, therefore making it artificial since it does not come naturally. Happiness is not tangible, but can be achieved through many experiences. The famous American philosopher, Ronald Dworkin, criticizes meditation for artificial happiness in his book. A patient escapes her own consciousness through meditation and keeps her …show more content…
Therefore, Lenina is not able to experience contentment and yet again, experiences artificial happiness.
North Korea, being one of the many communist countries in the world, has also placed many societal restrictions on their population. Restrictions are placed on the operation of local markets selling food and other goods to reduce their hours of operation and limiting what they sell. Similar to Brave New World, contact with the outside world is forbidden. Radio and television sets in North Korea are required to be tuned to the government broadcasts and others are not endorsed. Internet use is also constrained to internet cafés or hotels designated for foreign tourists. The general population of North Korea does not have internet access; however the people do have access to an intranet set up by the government. The population is not allowed to leave the country or communicate with family members or friends outside the country. Likewise, the World State controls the citizens by preventing them from having contact with others at the Reservations. Foreign newspapers are also not sold on the streets in North Korea. Correspondingly, the citizens in Brave New World are also restricted from reading literature, such as Shakespeare. The media of North Korea is among the most strictly controlled in the world, and is akin to the societal controls in Brave New World which causes the

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