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Artifact Description This artifact represents they study of the steps counselors must take to plan and develop an aligned K-12 counseling program and curriculum. It begins with the counselor’s core beliefs and philosophy of education followed by the vision and mission for the counseling program. Identifying these pieces before the curriculum is written is crucial to the foundation of the program. It ensures that counselors and administrators are in agreement on the significance of the counseling program and where it fits into the school’s curriculum as a whole. After the foundation pieces, the artifact includes a detailed school demographic explanation of Pinkston Middle school and the town of Mountain Home. This information serves …show more content…
A school counselor must plan and provide counseling services which meet the needs of the whole child: academic, social/emotional, and career readiness (AR 7.4 and AR 7.6). As a counselor, I must first understand the communities from which my students come from as well as their developmental needs. Instruction within the curriculum not only teaches students to think critically but also to reflect so they may become self-aware. School curriculum is a decision-making process, it is used to determine which content will be included in instructional programs and which will be left out. It is vital that I, as a school counselor, support the academic goals that have been identified at my school (AR 7.1). The curriculum provides a sequence and scope to offer educators guidance as to when material should be introduced. When a properly aligned curriculum is in place, faculty can focus on instruction and assessment. Effective schools see curriculum as a strategy and instruction as the methods used to achieve the desired end results. We will use assessments to determine what students understand the subject matter that has been taught, and what students may require some remediation (AR …show more content…
I knew how to align a curriculum within my subject area, but never ventured outside of that territory. This artifact took a great deal of dedication finding time to write this artifact was the greatest obstacle for me in this class. This was one of three classes I was taking in my first regular semester. I was also enrolled in an on-line assessment course and counseling skills class. Anyone who goes through a program at the Center for Leadership and Learning (CLL) will need to quickly master time management. Luckily I am not a procrastinator, so I just diligently worked on my many assignments. However, I found the work to be challenging, yet purposeful and relevant. After I went through the required pieces I understood better what a valuable resource this would be to me once

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