Essay on Artifact 1 : Fine Tuning Assignment

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Artifact 1: Fine Tuning Assignment
Course: 567, Ethics
Task List items: G-06, G-07
Content area G: Identification of the Problem, includes task list items G-06: Provide behavior analytic services in collaboration with others who support and/or provide services to one’s clients and G-07: Practice within one’s limits of professional competence in applied behavior analysis, and obtain consultation, supervision, training, or make referrals as necessary (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, 2012). My submission for this content area is the Fine Tuning assignment, which was completed during SPE 567, and demonstrates the importance of working jointly with others who provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. Additionally, this submission demonstrates my understanding of the value of consulting others within the field of ABA to ensure the most appropriate strategies are used to increase the likelihood of success for each individual learner.
The ability to collaborate requires the knowledge that people working together can reach a goal much easier than one individual. It is the understanding that each person has had different life experiences which allows them to offer solutions or make recommendations for behavior change programs that may not have been considered by others. Lastly, true collaboration is a skill that will result in better outcomes for children since everyone is working together to provide consistency with behavior change procedures.
As my artifact…

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