Articles Of Confederation Vs. The Constitution Essay

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Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution The Article of Confederation and the Constitution are two documents that form our constitution, even though one ended up replacing the other. The Article of Confederation which came first was adopted 5th of November in 1777 but the thirteen states didn’t ratify it until the 1st of March in 1781. The reason behind it taking a lot for it to be ratified was because some states feared the possible of central power. The creation behind the Article of Confederation was many brought in drafts, the first draft written was by Benjamin Franklin. But it wasn’t want Congress was looking for until a man by the name of John Dickinson. Congress did indeed make a few revisions to the article but they did approve it more than any of the other drafts. The Article of Confederation was presented to the states in the fall of 1777. Most states had approved of it by 1779 but Maryland was still indecisive about agreeing to it. Maryland was indecisive because of the speculation about land they were granted. With the land speculation was the talk about expanding west for more land for certain states other than being stuck with smaller land in certain states. They demand for certain things but they all ended up being rejected and Maryland finally agreeing to ratify. But even with Maryland agreeing there were other issues that bothered certain states. For example the topic of taxes on slavery that causes a disagreement during the Constitution Convention.…

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