Articles Of Confederation Vs. Constitution Essay

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Confederation and Constitution After fighting the British in the Revolutionary War, our new independent nation faced some difficult and challenging times economically. This critical time was a danger to colonists and the new future of the delicate republic. Independence had been declared and the recent state and national governments needed to make some very difficult decisions about how to stabilize the suffering economy (, 2016).
Articles of Confederation vs Constitution on 1787

As a result, the Articles of Confederation was drafted in 1777 under the direction of John Dickenson from Pennsylvania (DeVry University, 2016). The Articles differed from the national government under the Constitution in several significant ways. The Articles had one house (congress), one state and one vote while the Constitution has two houses; House of Representatives determined by population (slaves counting as three-fifths of a person) and the Senate by equal state representation. The Articles were difficult to amend requiring a unanimous vote, unlike the mandatory three-quarters of the state’s approval for any amendments to the Constitution. Congress didn’t have the power to tax under the Articles, whereas congress could within the Constitution. There was no judicial power within the Articles apart from courts, unlike the federal judiciary within the Constitution. Executive power under the Articles was not permanent and given to the states, while under the…

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