Articles Of Confederation And Constitution Of 1787 Essay

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Articles of Confederation and Constitution of 1787 The Constitution of 1787 came after the Articles of Confederation simply because the Articles of Confederation had a week central government that caused many issues which led to the Constitution of 1787 to stop the states from having individual power and to make all states equal. The Constitution of 1787 was to ratify the Articles of Confederation and to form a much better constitution.
With the Articles of Confederation there were many issues. By 1787 it was clear that the Articles of Confederation was not going to be a good enough constitution. The main issue with the Articles of Confederation was its lack of a strong central government. With a week central government caused many problems. One of which would be a disorganized economic environment which would lead into financial issues, not allow Congress to regulate trade, and no tax on trade. With the lack of not allowing congress to regulate trade left the states to monitor their own trade. But that left the congress with no ability to associate trade with foreign countries. So all the states had their own system of exports and imports. Another issue was the no tax on trade by congress. All individual states had their own authority to tax trade, and the congress was also left shorthanded when it came time to paying off the states debts. Which left the congress having to ask the states for funds. So therefore, the state’s economy was lacking to pay for itself. One of…

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