Article Summary : Intervention Technique 12 / 1 Essay

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Article Summary/Intervention Technique-12/1 “Earlier this year, Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican, and Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, introduced the most substantive welfare reform legislation in decades (Sheffield). The Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act addresses some of the system’s biggest problems, including out-of-control spending and policies that discourage work” (Sheffield). These new programs, first, require the states to estimate their expected spending for a period of just around nine years and would strengthen the workfare initiative of the former welfare reform based on the Riverside Miracle (Sheffield) (Class). They would accomplish this strengthening of the prior program by raising the requirement of 50% of able-body adults to work or be preparing to work to make 75% of TANFs currently unemployed cases to work and would raise the requirement of able-body working adults, without dependents, who benefit from the food stamp program (Sheffield). Finally, by requiring a nine-year expectation of funds needed by states, it would “require states to take more financially responsible for welfare by reducing federal funding for public housing” (Sheffield). This is the first step that, the article says, needs to be taken to get the US back in the right direction (Sheffield).
Argue For-12/3 My only reason for such an initiative is that there needs to be reform to the current program. As the article stated, there has been an increase in the amount of people on…

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