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The target audience of the article includes major healthcare provider-based programs, the provider communities, healthcare leaders within federally qualified health center (FQHC), physicians, healthcare systems community health centers, as well as additional healthcare system leaders. The author’s purpose and goal of the article is to discuss new strategies, related to physician integration in the healthcare reform, as means to reduce overhead costs and expand primary care by collaborating with FQHC.
Analysis of Key Issues:
The key issues in the article address the challenge to increase efficiency, improve integration of services, and a quality-based payment system in healthcare systems that is presented by the Affordable Care Act
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Health care systems must have a comprehensive understanding of an effective FQHC and it’s contributing factors in order to begin the collaboration agreement process.1 This includes assessing local support for FQHC, establishing grant programs, determining the FQHC organization type, and ensuring state family practice association representation. Furthermore, becoming knowledgeable of successful collaboration efforts, brainstorming opportunities, and developing the agreement and implementation plan are all steps required of health systems wishing to developing a collaborative agreement with an FQHC. Assessments and plans to address current challenges are also considered contributing factors in successful local reform efforts. Such improvements by the provider community results in increased efficiency and quality of care through expansion of primary care, which are based on collaborations with FQHCs as discussed. 1
Personal assessment and reflection:
Concentrating on expansion of primary care, reducing operation expenses, and electronic healthcare record development in order to reduce costs by collaborating with FQHCs is imperative to both health system community health centers and provider-based programs, such as Medicare. Ensuring costs and expenditures

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