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December 2014 * For my article review, I utilized an article by Matthias Sutter and Daniela Rutzler titled “Gender Differences in Competition Emerge Early in Life”. Written in 2010, the study took place in the state of Tyrol in the Western part of Austria. The study involved 1,035 students aged 3 to 18 years of age. The authors were attempting to see if there were any gender differences in the urge to compete against others of the same age and sex. There have been several studies performed on adults but none to this point on this broad and young of an age children. The study was fairly simple in that it determined whether or not children of the same age and sex were motivated to compete against one another. The older age groups …show more content…
88 subjects attend this school.
Table 1 is from the article and was set up by the authors.

Table 2 below shows the regression analysis at a 1% significance level along with the standard errors.

Table 2 is also from the article and set up by the authors.
Table 2 is an ordinary Least Squares regression table. This is similar to the simple linear regression we studied in class. As in the simple linear regression, the standard errors in table 2 are the standard deviation of the residuals. Since the numbers are pretty small, the deviation from the regression line is minimal. This tells us there is very little difference between categories. Also, the R-squared numbers in the table are very low. This tells us that there is very little correlation between the observations among the groups. The R-squared

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