Essay on Article Review : The Insanity Plea

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Article Review: The insanity Plea in the Case of a Serial Killer

What is this article specifically addressing?
This article, “The insanity Plea in the Case of a Serial Killer” By George Palermo and Richard Khnudten explains the case of the infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer and his attempt to request the insanity plea to get out of his crimes he committed. Mr. Dahmer killed seventeen men, and when asked about his crimes his responses where clear and coherent. Yet, he pled not guilty by reason of mental illness. The jury did not believe he had any signs of a mental illness and sentenced fifteen consecutive life terms.

How does this article related to your selected topic?
The article is highly related to my selected topic, I wanted to review an article about serial killers attempting to use the insanity plea and the likeness of them getting it granted. This is the portion of Forensic Psychology that I find most appealing. Justifying whether or not if a man or woman could become so mentally ill that they will temporarily lash out and murder someone completely intrigues me. The article I want to review I found on the Sharpio library by originally searching for an article on Ed Gein, but I found that that is too narrow of a search. Since the reason I was wanting my topic to be Ed Gein was because he was a serial killer that in court was about to claim the insanity plea. I decided to change it to a broader search if “the insanity defense serial killers” which lead…

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