Article Review : Smart Grid Security And Privacy Essay

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Summary: All of the articles I read are related in one way or another to Internet/Web security. This is a particular field I am interested in learning more about considering all of the news talking about how hackers are causing all kinds of mischief globally. The article "Smart-grid security issues” relates to networking as it discusses issues related to bringing our power grid online. "Games without Frontiers: Whither Information Security and Privacy?” relates to networking because it addresses security issues related to how our devices – such as phones, cars, blenders, etc. – are becoming more interconnected.

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P. Syverson and G. Boyce, "Bake in .onion for Tear-Free and Stronger Website Authentication," in IEEE Security & Privacy, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 15-21, Mar.-Apr. 2016.

Overall, the authors of this paper argue, quite effectively, for the implementation of .onion as the new defacto standard in website authentication and security. The article begins with a brief introduction to Tor and Onion services. Here, topics such as how Tor connects clients to onion services through rendezvous points – which are setup by use of addresses like 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion (DuckDuckGo) – are discussed. Performing connections like this allows one to avoid a DNS resolution outside the Tor network. This helps protect against leakage of client interests by preventing observation of DNS lookups as well as against any of the well-known DNS hijinks, such as redirection…

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