Essay on Article Review On Online Casino Gaming

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Article 31 – Greece takes initial steps towards online casino gaming legalisation

Greece has been dominating the headlines as of late and not for good reasons. The country’s financial meltdown has become the talk of analysts and experts around the world. While the entire situation is fairly complex, to put it simply Greece has been spending beyond its means as a country for far too long and now it is paying the price. The country has received a bailout, with a second seemingly on the way. The problem is that for all the support the country has received, it still hasn’t made much progress in improving its own fortunes. That is until now, as cash-strapped Greece has made moves to add online gambling revenue to the country’s coffers.

Greece’s problems are already well documented, with most aware of just how big a hole the country is in. With Greece looking for an economic boost, they have seemingly taken inspiration from neighbours Malta and Greece. Up until 2015 Greece has staunchly defended its stance to only allow state-owned gambling operators to operate within the country. But the country is now seeing the financial benefits of opening up its borders, as it continues to battle against austerity measures. Syriza, the new left-winning party that is controlling the country, have announced changes to the age-old regime. This new announcement from Syriza is set to have international casino operators queuing up to gain a license in order to operate in Greece. What this will…

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