Article Review : ' Nutrition Program ' : How Librarians And Cybrarians Can Save Us All

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At 6:34 a.m. on Tuesday, July 12, I figured it out.

Anticipating a move to Boston and considering graduate schools there, I was browsing the internet when I landed on Simmons’ nutrition program, a field I’ve been toying with since college. But when the nutrition program didn’t strike a chord, I thought, “why not examine what else Simmons offers?”
And that’s when the connection was made. As I browsed Simmons’ library and information science classes, my excitement bubbled: history of the book, cataloging, book publishing and librarianship, metadata, visual communication. This is what I’ve been searching for!
Jenna Freedman, Associate Director of Communications and Zine Librarian at Barnard College Library, is quoted by Marilyn Johnson in This Book is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All: “‘If my father weren’t a librarian…I might have been one a lot sooner.’” I feel the same. My mother is a public and academic librarian and my dad a radio host. Because of their careers, I was lucky to be exposed to not only books but all forms of media and new technology (to this day, I remember the thrill of being the first on our block to have a VCR), but, until that moment, I had not thought of library science as the field for me.

As an undergraduate, I studied human development, the science of how humans interact with each other and their environments, and minored in inequality—how it is generated, why it persists and what social and policy interventions can fight it.…

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