Article Review : Major Ideas Of The Article Essay

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Article Review 2
Major ideas of the article
The article reviews the importance of establishing the ability of teachers to build cultural capability and how it is a critical part of their work in diverse settings. The author reviews how a science teacher’s experiences in building cultural capability in a diverse school. Culturally relevant pedagogy is used as an analytic tool to explain and uncover the ways in which the teacher develops cultural knowledge to maximize student learning opportunities (Milner & Tenore, 2011). The article is based on reviewing how a White teacher is able to build cultural understanding with his diverse learners due to him establishing a cultural competence and understanding of himself and his practices. The article reviews the teacher builds relationships with his students, how he extends his knowledge about how identity and race help him building a deeper cultural knowledge about himself, his students, and his practices (Milner & Tenore, 2011).
Theoretical framework
In this article, the authors describe a framework based on culturally relevant pedagogy. The overall research questions that guides this study is how would the teacher, be able to build cultural competence in ways that allowed him to be more effective at teach his students (Milner & Tenore, 2011)? The authors also observe the ways the teacher could develop relationships with the students inside and outside the classroom. The article explains how the teacher must build a trust…

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