Essay on Article Review : Free Speech On Campus

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Over the years the ideas of the first amendment has changed, and it has become very controversial. The first amendment has become very controversial in the late 19th century and 20th century around college campuses monitoring how and what students say in today’s generation. In the article “Free Speech on Campus” by CQ Researchers readers are given the information about what the controversies concerning how far free speech extend are, how state and federal courts decided on various cases of free speech, traces of history of academic freedom of universities, and what the issues at stake in colleges hosting academic centers sponsored by authoritarian regimes.
The controversies concerning how far speech extends according to the articles free speech on campus this fraternity sent a sexually and racist email to fellow fraternity brothers President of Loh of Maryland state University. Heard about this he was in shock so President Loh took action and expelled the student who wrote the email. The student who wrote the email wouldn’t be able to return to campus that semester also at the same time that broke out over the University of Oklahoma fraternity members were filmed singing a racist song about refusing admission to blacks also the 25 other students that were involved in the singing of the racist song have been disciplined. Oklahoma president David L. Boren expelled the two students who led the singing but civil rights and legal experts on both sides criticized it because it…

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