Article Review : Banning The Amendment Rights And School Libraries

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Although book banning happens all over the world, the most common challenges occur in school libraries. Most of these battles are fought at the school board level, but on occasions, some do make it to the supreme court. In one of the most famous court cases, in 1982, the Supreme Court ruled in the Board of Education, Island Trees Union Free School District v. Pico. The case however has been regarded as one of the most important decisions concerning the First Amendment rights and school libraries. With this, the Supreme Court set strict parameters under which the board of educators could consider banning a book from it’s selves. Justice William J. Brennan Jr., who presided over the case wrote; that to “prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion”. One must have sufficient evidence against the book. (Brennan) This means that school boards may not simply remove books just because they dislike the ideas contained in them. In the case about the Pico decision “a significant point...was that the vote was 5 - 4 in favor of the student who challenged the school board’s removal of library out of the nine justices wrote opinions on the case” (Book Banning). This reflects on the mixed feelings that arose during the case as well as the nation as it struggles with difficult questions concerning the First Amendment rights. People have the right to information, the right to grow and learn as an individual.…

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