Article Review : Bad Boys Essay

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California is a very diverse state that is mainly brought up by minorities. However, discrimination in school still goes on. Young boys of color are mostly punished because of the belief that they’re the ones who cause most problems. Teachers, at times, forget to treat every student equally and end up discriminating students by their appearance and or ethnicity. In class a Hispanic student was falsely accused by a substitute for causing trouble. The sub jumped to conclusions similar to what Ferguson points out that minorities are more often blamed and punished for troublemaking . Ferguson’s article “Bad Boys” focuses on how young black male students are labeled by the school system as at risk of failing, unsalvageable or bound for jail. She explains that the making of the bad boys is not coming from outside resources, but from school through punishment(2). Ferguson discovers that African American male students are more likely to be punished, than Caucasian students. And the reason of it being is because of white teachers that often discriminate students that are minorities. Ferguson states, “ Bad Boys is a study of these two modes: how institutional norms and procedures…racial myths frame how we see ourselves and others in a racial hierarchy.” (19) Ferguson’s point is that the reason why there’s racial inequalities is because of institutional practices that excludes African Americans in society and punishment is a closer look at routine institutional practices. By using…

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