Article Rebuttal Essay

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Article Rebuttal

When referring to pit bulls in the article Another Deadly Attack...Should We Ban Pit Bulls? the author states “…they try to inflict maximum damage by biting, holding, shaking, and tearing” (McCarthy, 2009, para. 3). Many of the arguments the author presented for the ban of pit bulls are done in a response to a recent attack and the facts stated in these articles are often misrepresented or taken out of context. Many statistics and studies that show that pit bulls are less dangerous and have better temperaments than other breeds of dogs. In the article, there are many logical fallacies that have been presented by the author that lead the reader to believe that the article is reliable, credible, and valid.
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The author does this without noting that the CDC does put the term pit bulls in quotes, again showing it is a generic term used for several breeds of dogs listed in the terrier group. The author does mention six of the eight other breeds of dogs listed on the CDC’s table all belong to the working group according to the AKC (American Kennel Club, 2011). In total these eight breeds of dogs were responsible for 63 deaths between 1979 and 1996 according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control, 2009). The lack of research on the authors part helps contribute to the logical fallacy that pit bulls are a dangerous dog, but upon further investigation the evidence is proven to be invalid.
The third logical fallacy that presented by the author to be credible is based on more opinion than fact. The author claims “Pit bulls were bred for dogfighting, fight with little or no provocation and have a high tolerance for pain” (McCarthy, 2009, para. 3). When referring to the terrier group the AKC states “Their ancestors were bred to hunt and kill vermin” (American Kennel Club, 2011). This directly refutes the claim made by the author that they were bred specifically for dogfighting. Furthermore, the claim that an animal has a high tolerance for pain is very hard to substantiate. One can reasonably concluded that a wide range of tolerance of pain can be found in all animals, including humans. A valid argument cannot be made by taking a broad statement and blanketing it on an entire

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