Article On The Spirt Of Despotism : Understanding The Tyrant Within

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Reflection Precis #2, State Responses to Terrorism (3/17/2016)
Part I: In reading Manfred F R Kets de Vries’ article on The Spirt of Despotism: Understanding the Tyrant Within, gives an insight that, “the disposition to violence exist in all of us,” meaning that all humans have a natural tendency to act with violence against others with the act of power. To take a look at a slight example on having power, Hector did his presentation on torture, he shared a YouTube link on some interviews by Brian Ross. The interviews were given to John Kiriakou about his insights on waterboarding, which is a form a torture where individuals are submerged in water for long moments, while strapped down, and being interrogated. One of the comments made by the interviewee was his statement of “because we are Americans and we are better than that.” That comment can be taken in two ways: one is by emphasizing the ‘because we are Americans,’ we should lead by example and not use torture because it dehumanizes an individual; secondly, it contradicts its self, moreover because Americans have been known to think that they are better than any other country and can get away with anything by using coercion and power. While the comment the interviewee makes is, “at the time of September 11th he was angry and had to power to torture to get information that was necessary.” Additionally, this is the argument that Kets de Vries points out, that “there are an untold numbers of tyrants in the making…, and will…

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