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Ten Principles of Leading Change Management Critique Name School

Setting Strategic Direction: Vision, Strategy, and Tactics Critique
The article by the title “Setting Strategic Direction: Vision, Strategy, and Risk”, written by Steve Robbins is an article whose main focus is the ability of any individual to improve his or her personal leadership ability by focusing their personal leadership on the three tools that assist in leadership. According to Steve Robbins, these three tools are quite efficient in developing and ensuring that the leadership is not with blame. The three tools are vision, strategy, and tactics. Robbins defines vision as the ability of an individual to understand the future
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Ten Principles of Leading Change Management Critique

Ten Principles of Leading Change Management Critique
The authors DeAnne Aguirre and Micah Alpem define the concept of leading change management as the leadership style that will have a high probability of initiating positive change within an organization. The main activity is to create a conducive an enabling environment that the workforce will follow in order to instigate the changes (Daft, 2011). Therefore, according to the authors, the manager in charge of leading the change will have to be the best example f the change before he or she can have the moral right to ask and demand that the organization internal and external environmental factors favor the growth of the profession (Aguirre& Alpem, 2014).
In my opinion, I commend the authors for the length of the article.

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