Article Critique : Practice Methods For Working With Children Who Have Biologically Based Mental Disorders

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Article Critique Throughout the article, Practice Methods for Working With Children Who Have Biologically Based Mental Disorders: A Bioecological Model, there has been some supportive and unsupportive characteristics for the evidenced based process (EBP) question. As stated in the annotated bibliography the EBP question is which programs will be the most effective and reliable for verbally and nonverbally abused disabled and nondisabled children? This question will help provide social workers with valuable information on which intervention would be extremely helpful for mentally ill children. So, therefore, this paper will provide the strengths and disadvantages about the article.
Brief Description While reading the article, social workers purpose when dealing with a mental illness caused by a brain disease, bioecological disorder, becomes unclear. The purpose becomes unclear mainly because many social workers deal with social-environment problems instead of neuropsychiatric disorders. However, after reading this article social workers should have a clear outlook on how effective many different interventions are towards helping children who are mentally ill. According to Taylor (2003), “This article offers a treatment model and suggestions for working with children and youths who have neuropsychiatric disorders: supporting biological and medication intervention” (p. 39). They used these interventions mainly because they provided the most effective solution to having a…

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