Essay on Article Critique Of Sports Psychology

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Bryanne Toney 12/12/15
Dr. Vitagliano Sports Psychology
Article Critique

The article “How Should “Hot” Players in Basketball be Defended? The Use of Fast-and-Frugal Heuristics by Basketball Coaches and Players in Response to Streakiness”, by Peter Csapo, Simcha Avugos, Markus Raab, and Michael Bar-Eli seeks to explain how to cut down an offensive player’s scoring if they get a “hot hand”, or score consecutive baskets in a row in during the course of a basketball game. The fast and frugal heuristic helps someone create and keep the hot hand because the fast and frugal heuristic is when someone could make calm, quick, and on the spot successful decision. The hot hand is a heavily debated topic in the sports psychology. Some people believe that the hot and does not exist. “…Gilovich et al. (1985) found that shots were independent events and concluded that the hot hand did not exist” (pg.1580). There were also some who argued it indeed does exist. “Accordingly, Stone (2012) claimed that it is not appropriate to use autocorrelation as a test of detecting the hot hand and developed a model by differentiating between shot results and shot probabilities. Specifically, he assumed that the probabilities of hitting a shot may be higher during hot streaks, e.g., 70% instead of 50%, but that even a shot attempt with an increased success probability of 70%…

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