Article Analysis : Poverty And Poverty Essay

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Article Analysis Poverty is a major issue in America. There are a lot of reasons that cause people to live in poverty. It’s typically a result of the lack of basic necessities a person needs to live. For many people, the issue may be not having food or the money to pay bills. Something as simple as losing a job can create a downward spiral that results in a person living in poverty. Additionally, things like a poor economy, the lack of affordable housing, drug use, the lack of education, and medical expenses also play a part in the issue of poverty in America. Unemployment is the result of a poor economy. Some businesses have been forced to downsize or even close down. These are things that happen because of the state of the economy. The gap between wages and the cost of housing is growing. A lot of times minimum wage isn’t enough to pay rent, so a person could have a job and still be homeless. Drug use is an expensive habit that often causes people to lose family affiliation, their job, their house, their transportation, and essentially all of their money. The lack of education is another major issue. People who don’t graduate from high school or attend college typically work lower paying jobs with little benefits. Supporting themselves let alone a family is difficult to do when you don’t make enough money to do so. Medical expenses can pile up when someone develops a serious illness that requires medical attention. Medical attention usually requires…

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