Article Analysis On Driving Traffic Essay example

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Article 1: AMZ Promoter

So you’ve finally bitten the bullet; you’ve started your very own Amazon store, you have your products in place, and now...nothing. But I’ve done everything the article said to, you think, referring back to the free top 5 list you read. Yes, you did – and so have about a million other sellers. There’s nothing wrong with your site; you just need traffic. Like with any store, physical or digital, without a group of buyers in place, you’re not going to move any merchandise. The single most tried and true method of driving traffic is with an email list. By building an email list, you’re creating a buyer base that hopefully won’t just be interested in your products, but become repeat customers.

Unfortunately, you can’t just ask Amazon for a list of user emails; they have them, but those are Amazon’s customers, not yours. As a result, that information is safeguarded. Now, as a seller, you may be entitled to accessing other forms of information, such as addresses and phone numbers, as customers need you to smooth over any shipping or selling issues.

Follow these easy steps to get traffic going to your Amazon page – just make sure you’re current with Amazon’s newest terms and conditions. If they feel you’re violating their rules, they’ll shut you down without even blinking.

Call to Action
This method needs to be handled correctly, as Amazon explicitly does not want you linking back to your personal Facebook or website. But if you can discover a way that…

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