Should Guns Be Banned Essay

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In the article against banning guns, by Shiha Dalmia, I believe they make a valid argument. It is unrealistic to believe that the government would be able to take all guns away, even if they put regulations on them. People have many ways to get their hands on guns, even if they have to do it illegally. The article states,” There is no easy way to get Americans to voluntarily surrender their guns. Asking them nicely won’t do the trick.” This implies that people feel personally attached to their guns and that they aren’t going to just turn them in. With over three hundred million guns circulating around the country, it’s impractical to believe that taking away guns is even an option. I personally believe that putting regulations on automatic guns would make sense. But if the government puts restrictions on automatics, then eventually they’ll put constraints on semi-automatics, then all guns, then long distance weapons, and it will eventually spiral out of control until they’ve put restrictions on everything involving long-range weapons, or possibly …show more content…
Some families use their guns to get their food. Others use them for protection. So even if the government wanted to take guns away, people are going to protest on the fact that they use their guns for useful, non-violent purposes. Not everyone uses their guns to try and hurt people. Dalmia also mentions in the article, “No matter how much liberals want a gun-free paradise, they can’t simply wish away a deeply entrenched gun culture. If they truly want to reduce the number of firearms, they need to be prepared to get draconian.” I agree with this statement. Even if liberals want to fully diminish guns, people aren’t just going to accept it. Those people that want to get rid of guns are going to be met with a gun to the face from the people who carry guns or have had guns for an extensive amount of

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