Article Analysis: Men And Women Talking On The Job

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Some people don’t understand how powerful if communication. When it comes to communicating with others been clear is necessary. Sometimes words can be misunderstood if we don’t have the proper words or expressions. “Men and Women Talking on the Job” by Deborah Tannen. This tells us how the different roles of men and women are viewed by their own sex and the opposite sex. Even though every individual has their own style, it seems that women are more likely to downplay their certainty; men are more likely to temper what they say. After reading a few articles about this topic, I will explain. Based on my research I `will explain how social perceptions, gender disparity, and biological differences have a great impact on women talking in the job. …show more content…
Peer salaries and gender differences in the job satisfaction in the workplace by Karen Mumford and Peter N. Smith. Based on this article relative earning appears to be an important determinant when it comes to job satisfaction for men. It shows that men care about their own wage level and the higher their wage is above other men in their workplace. In comparison to women appears to be indifferent of the average wage of other men or woman in their workplace. In connection to biological differences of men and woman, “males score higher than females on most measures of direct competitiveness, and competition tends to be a more positive experience for males than it is for females. Thus, what I understood from this was that men like to compete more than women. Men and women have different tastes and talents interest, and because of this there is also discrimination. “Gender discrimination comes from years ago. However, despite improvements, female scientists continue to face discrimination, unequal pay and funding disparities” this article shows how there still some discrimination in the workplace. This article shows that women are discriminated in the science field. I agree with this there is not much female in the science field also math. This could be cause by teacher’s low expectation. In the other hand, some men still think women should be at home taking care of the house and the kids, and this idea comes from years ago when woman was not allow to work. There is also some disparity in same sex. Woman sometimes don’t like to see other women too

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